Mission Opportunities


Summer Missionary Positions

Who’s needed?                Servant minded college/high school students

When?                                      Summer 2016

What will you do?         Help cook and clean for groups who come to the Vineyard throughout the summer.  There will also be some opportunity to participate in a mission trip and counselor for a camp.

Is there any pay?         There is a small stipend available through the Coffee County Baptist Association.  Also, for college students who apply before March, there is a stipend available through the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions.(Lodging and food are supplied.)

Who do I call?                 For more information, call the Vineyard Christian Retreat Center at (334) 762-2256 or e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





Donations for materials for any of these project is greatly appreciated!

Flood Relief - Due to the flooding we had at the end of December, we have several trees that have fallen. We would also need work in our creek and volleyball court. This project would require chainsaws, muscle, and a go get 'em attitude!

Audio and Visual -  Our Chapel and the Snead Conference Lodge are in need of audio and visual abilities. 

Goofy Golf Course - We love the idea of a goofy golf course and if you do too, come join us to create something fun!

Tennis Court - This project would require light machinery.

RV Park - In creating an RV park, a lot of heavy machinery work would be needed.